Moorak Primary

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Moorak Primary & Preschool is located in a rural setting 5km from Mount Gambier. The student population consists of students local to the area and also those from Mount Gambier who choose to access a small school environment. Moorak is a part of the Blue Lake Partnership of schools and kindergartens, across the Mount Gambier area. We cater for a steady student population ranging between 90 and 100 students in the school and 18 to 30 students in the Preschool. Moorak Primary School is committed to the development of a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on thinking skills, positive learner dispositions and a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Specialist learning areas for all students include Japanese, Science, the Arts and Technology. Optional interest areas include Choir, Instrumental Music Service, Pedal Prix and after school sports. We are raising funds for our school library, we hope to continue to update our current selection of books to share with our students and staff.

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