Military Vehicle Preservation Society of South Australia Inc.

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The Military Vehicle Preservation Society of South Australia Inc. was formed in 1976 and now has over 120 local, interstate, and overseas members. Its membership owns more than 200 vehicles. The Society’s aims and objectives are to save, restore operate and display Historic Military vehicles to preserve this aspect of Australian Military and Automotive heritage.
In line with these aims the Society opened the National Military Vehicle Museum in 1993 as an educational resource which displays both vehicles and associated militaria. In 2009 the Museum relocated to a larger 6-acre complex of heritage buildings at Edinburgh Park and in May 2016 the Society was successful in purchasing the property. Since then, the collection has continued to expand including several recent additions. One of the Society’s main objectives is to maintain the vehicles in operating order and most of the vehicles are registered for road use. In addition to demonstrating the vehicles on site many are driven in community events and ceremonial parades including a commitment to transport Veterans in the Anzac Day March in Adelaide each year. Membership is open to all persons interested in the preservation of Australia’s military vehicle heritage.

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