Kangaroo Rescue South Australia

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Originally we started our organisation rescuing kangaroos, once we moved into our new property we fully enclosed the acreage for the protection of firstly the kangaroo rescues here, but also to allow us to commence breeding of critically endangered species. Our current fence is feral proof and electrified as we currently have breeding programs for the Brush-Tailed Bettong, Potoroos, Ring-Tailed Possums and Fat-Tailed Dunnarts. All native animals in our area yet eradicated by foxes/cats/dogs and suburban growth. Having the solar powered energiser added to the current fence system will allow us to monitor our fence more closely. Being alerted immediately of any tampering or damage to fence lines can be dealt with quickly and efficiently as it happens, not when it is located when inspecting the fence daily. This will assist us to protect our native animals within the sanctuary.

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