Fiji Senior Citizens Association of SA Incorporation

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Overview of our organization: a) To develop the spirit of co-operation, unity and better understanding amongst its own members and with people of Australia b) To celebrate and promote various cultures and festivals of Fiji c) To offer educational, cultural and social opportunities to all its members d) To aim that at all times, the club shall remain non-political, non-racial and non-sectarian on its actions, decisions and dealings e) To welcome new migrants and residents to South Australia and offer them advice, guidance and help with settling into their new environments f) To establish contact with other organizations' with similar objectives g) To provide state/federal governments and libraries with information regarding Fiji as necessary Services Provided We have an elected committee which sets up programmes for the year and are implemented by various sub-committees with help of volunteers and other Fijian community members Activities involved are transporting older members to venues, preparing meals, organizing information/training sessions on health and wellbeing, latest developments in govt. policies, arrange guest speakers on various topics, organize social events/sports/exercise sessions such as Tai-Chi, training for CALD members, training for volunteers, organize picnics and excursions to regional S.A. & places of interest, organize & participate in cultural festivals et.

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