Fairview Lodge Animal Shelter

Fairview Lodge Animal Shelter

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Fairview Lodge is a not for profit animal shelter that specialises in assisting farm animals including horses, sheep, alpacas, pigs and poultry. Since opening our doors in 2013 we have helped over 600 animals in need.

Located in Hillier,
Fairview Lodge has assisted well over 1000 animals since opening our doors in 2013.

Fairview Lodge also assists the community by taking students from local high schools who are interested in a career with animals for work experience and hosts about 50 students each year.

Roseworthy Campus Veterinary students also gain vital experience by completing their work placements at the shelter - an opportunity not offered elsewhere.

Local groups including scouts, disability carers and families also visit allowing close up experiences with horses and farm animals.

Fairview Lodge relocated in July 2020 and are fundraising to upgrade our facilities including fencing, stables and lighting.

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