Blackwood Scouts

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Blackwood Scouts is about exploring the unknown.

Whilst exploring the unknown, kids work independently and as a team in Patrols building personal confidence and leadership. This might include creatively finding new ways to problem solve as a team, expressing your evolving character and learning about priorities to enable our youth to pursue their passions and interest. Our youth connect with the simplicity of nature and the complexities of life. They explore expanding communities both locally and globally and tackling creative, outdoor and personal growth challenges along the way.

As a Blackwood Scout, you can choose to explore new, and expand on your existing, adventurous activity interest; canyoning, caving, scuba diving, white water rafting and much more. You could be exploring multiday bushwalking trails, survival skills and other adventures in the outdoors.

The best thing about Scouts is that you can express yourself and conquer your fears.

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