Beagle Rescue Vic & Beagle Freedom Australia

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Beagle Rescue Vic (est. 2006) and Beagle Freedom Australia (est. 2013) are Australia's largest breed specific rescue group. We rely solely on donations and receive no funding from the Government. We have established Australia's first sanctuary for ex-research animals, based in Victoria. We negotiate the release of animals from research facilities. Where previously they would have been euthanised, they now get the opportunity at a second chance of life. Beagles are the breed of choice in these facilities, but we will, and do, help any breed of dog, as well as cats and any other species of animal that we can help, have a 2nd chance at life, outside of the labs. We find loving homes for all of our animals and we have a 100% success rate! We also take in ex-breeding dogs from puppy farms, beagles and hounds from high-kill pounds and many other unfortunate situations. All our animals receive the very best medical care and foster care while we look for their final forever home. We make families and we change the lives of these animals and their people for the better.

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