Bunya Mountains Community Association Inc

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The Bunya Mountains Community Association Inc (BMCAI) is primarily an advocacy, lobby and action group to facilitate the aims of the Association; stated as:
“ Provide a voice for consultation with local, state and federal authorities, on behalf of residents and property owners of the Bunya Mountains and visitors to the Bunya Mountains; and
Work collaboratively with the relevant bodies to enhance the liveability and protect the unique Bunya Mountains village lifestyle and cultural and environmental heritage of the area “
The Association engages with all three levels of government, private sector and community sector as necessary, according to the issue/ action being addressed at the time.
The Community Plan no 3. 2023-26, provides the strategic framework and objectives to guide BMCAI's activities into the future.
A synopsis of the Goals and key objectives relating to fundraising are as follows:
1. Enhance Community Liveability, including safety aspects, for residents and visitors
a. A Community meeting/ gathering place and place of refuge (in disaster), is established for social interaction, meetings, resident and visitor cultural and environmental education, forums, and workshops and for use in times of disaster emergencies
c. Public amenities are provided, and maintained to appropriate standard and commensurate to visitor numbers
d. Community social events are delivered to enhance social connection, cohesion and build resilience
f. Engage in/ and /or coordinate local events and activities that keep the history alive, support opportunities to learn about the environment and enhance cultural consciousness/ awareness
3. Create, develop and support communication and collaboration to address issues and plan for the future
a. Develop an effective working relationship with local and regional businesses, regional advisory bodies, and all levels of government through effective consultation and feedback mechanisms
d. Encourage informal participation and volunteerism, with benefits for all
e. Keep the community informed and engaged
f. Work collaboratively with other organisations within the Bunya Mountains Community

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