Our Charity Partner

Starlight Children's Foundation is the official charity partner for the People First Community Lottery. We encourage you to buy tickets for our charity partner when finding it hard to choose a community group to support. Buy tickets.

About Starlight Children's Foundation.

At Starlight Children’s Foundation, our mission is to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. We know happiness matters to sick kids, and by improving their mental and social wellbeing, we can give them a positive impact on their overall physical health.

For over 30 years Starlight have worked in partnership with health professionals to bring the fun, joy and laughter that help sick kids be kids. Starlight create experiences and moments that help children of all ages regardless of their disability, injury or illness because what happens in childhood lasts a lifetime, and every child should have a happy childhood.

Starlight Express Rooms

Our Starlight Express Rooms in all major hospitals across Australia is a medical-free haven for sick kids and their families seeking a welcome break from the relentless cycle of medical treatments and procedures, and the one in Adelaide’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital is no exception. Run by Captain Starlight and our wonderful volunteers, our Starlight Express Rooms are unique spaces filled with laughter, smiles, fun, and endless activities to keep everyone entertained. Children can join Captain Starlight in a musical jam session, have their face painted, watch a live magic show, make balloon animals, paint, paste and create amazing crafts or just clown around and have fun.

For kids who are too sick to leave their beds, Starlight TV delivers all the antics and fun of the Starlight Express Room live to their bedside daily, and Captain Starlight also works with doctors and nurses on the wards bringing smiles to young faces everywhere.

We are serious about fun because we see the impact it creates on kids in hospitals and communities across the country every day. When you give to Starlight, you're helping sick kids feel happier, more confident, and ready to face life's challenges.

A happy childhood makes a lasting difference to lifelong psychological wellbeing

For Lotte, who was diagnosed with eye cancer at 12 weeks old, having Starlight in her life made a huge difference. Specially trained Captain Starlights joined Lotte's treatment team to help provide some positive distraction, supporting. and playing with Lotte as she faced her scary procedures.

“Lotte’s eyes light up when we see the Captains wandering
around the hospital and when we hear their ukuleles coming
down the halls. Starlight brings so much joy to kids who have to
go through so much trauma and pain.”
- Lotte’s Mum Mindy

Rocket Rounds

The Rocket Rounds program is delivered by Captain Starlight (professional, costumed performers and artists) to children who cannot visit the Starlight Express Room (Starlight’s medical-free spaces in pediatric hospitals).  Rocket Rounds are specifically for children who are confined to their beds on the wards, contained in isolation, or waiting for outpatient clinic appointments. 

Our Rocket Round program is all about the positive power of fun and laughter. Having fun with Captain Starlight creates a secure and safe space where kids feel happier, more confident and helps them deal with the pain and stress of hospital and treatment.  

As a result of the Rocket Rounds: 

  • Children and families are positively distracted through moments of engagement, creating a positive mood and relieving boredom.  
  • Parents, and health professionals feel a sense of respite during the child engagement, resulting in a reduction of stress and tension. 
  • Families gain or increase awareness of other Starlight programs and how to access them, providing a sense of anticipation and a reduction in anxiety.