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Most parents know the discomfort of a child waiting for a nappy change or the stress of being caught without enough nappies and the looming dread of a full nappy due. What if you had that feeling every day? Sadly, more and more Australian families are experiencing this due to rising living costs, the housing crisis and other economic impacts. At the same time other families can easily afford nappies and often find they are left with spares as babies grow between sizes and eventually toilet train. The Nappy Collective asks and answers the question; What if we could ‘connect’ the two to ensure all Australian children are kept clean and dry?

The Nappy Collective supports disadvantaged and vulnerable families to access free nappies. We mobilise the community and run collection points for donations of leftover, unused disposable nappies that may otherwise be thrown out. We redistribute these nappies through community partners to families who may have to choose between buying nappies or buying food because they're fleeing violence, seeking asylum, or struggling with homelessness, mental illness, extreme financial hardship, or are victims of natural disasters such as the recent floods or other disadvantage.

The Nappy Collective has seen unprecedented demand in recent months. Children and families need our help now more than ever. We all do the best with what we have, but what if at even your best you can't put your child in clean nappies?

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