Sunshine Coast Paddlesport Club Inc

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Fundraising goal$5,000
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We provide:
• opportunities for community members to try paddling
• Pathways for developing paddlers to train for state and national selection eg You for 2032
• programs for U12 to 80+
• opportunities to connect with other athletes and coaches
• social connectedness
• equipment – kayaks, skis, ergos, paddles, life jackets
• financial assistance to juniors travelling to state and national competitions
• trailers for use by club and Paddle Qld to transport craft to events in Qld and throughout Australia
• storage for personal craft
• donate to the Hear & Say Foundation
• host races throughout the year which brings competitors from around the state
• facilitate surf to kayak training for off season SLSC members to improve technique during winter
• host international teams and individuals
• support physical and mental health
• hold monthly committee meetings, send monthly newsletter, maintain a website and face page, have no outstanding grant acquittals or reports for Office of Fair Trading.

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